About Myself

Hello Beautiful People,

This is Mamoona. I go by “Ana” as I got more fond of short names as I grew up ☺️. I am a Pakistani Canadian 🇵🇰🇨🇦. I was born and brought up in Lahore, Pakistan and immigrated to Canada last year, in 2019 as a Permanent Resident.

My First Flight: 15 March 2019

I belong to an educated family where my parents have always supported and encouraged us in excelling in life and make ourselves a contributing member in community. My family is my pride and my strength. My one brother is in Pakistan Air Force serving as Pilot and other is Civil Engineer and Project Manager working in Canada. I am one of the lucky girls, whose parents have never distinguished between a girl and a boy. In fact, I was given much more importance being the only girl and eldest child in family. I have done MBA and MS and have worked in HR department first and then as a University Instructor back in Pakistan. After coming here, I am studying and pursuing towards my HR designation and also working in a reputable company to improve my skill set and feeling pride of contributing in Canada’s economy.

Coming to Canada was the biggest change in my life which had opened new horizons for me and I see myself growing here both as a person and in my career.

Since the time I came here, my inbox is bombarded with messages from friends, family and acquaintances asking me the ways to move to Canada and how I find it different from Pakistan. I sometimes find it hard to reply each one of them because it was my first year in Canada and I was busy in settlement, absorbing this change and designing my ways for future. I have so much to say about this that I thought of penning down all my observations and experiences and some stuff which might not be directly related to me but are issues I want to raise my voice on.

From Thoughts to Words: 9th Feb, 2020

I was feeling a deep desire for “Writing” stuff as I have experienced a lot in this journey. I am the exception and not a norm and I want to pen down all my thoughts for people who take me as an inspiration and I am sure my words will somehow or somewhere affect and impact someone who will be needing them the most at some time.

While writing, I feel like “My Writings” are my best friend who keeps me productive and be my companion. Making them public would be a good means of connecting with people who can relate to my thoughts. Other than that, I want to leave something behind me which benefit people or give them awareness even if I am not there anymore.

I am open to your reviews, suggestions and questions if you have. If you want me to write about certain topic, i would be more than happy to know that. Just to let you know so that you don’t expect too high from me, I am just taking it as a hobby and I am not a professional writer. As I liked doing it, so I am making it Public.

Your reviews will be highly appreciated ✍️

Spread Positivity and wish me luck.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton